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A Special Austrailan Visit To Fresh Start Boot Camp

A Special Austrailan Visit to Fresh Start Boot Camp

A Special Austrailan Visit to Fresh Start Boot Camp

A visit to Fresh Start Boot Camp, Thailand from any Fitness magazine representative is a bit of a worry,

Todd from Austrailan mens fitness at the fresh start thailand boot camp

Todd kicking ass!

but from a fitness guru, editor of ‘Australians Men’s Fitness’ Magazine who just so happens to be ex- Australian Special Forces, it’s time to get serious!

Todd Cole certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Health and Fitness. A clearance diver with the Australian Navy, specializing in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and a five year career with the Australian S.A.S. (Special Air Service), Todd is no stranger to physical endurance and the hardship of getting into peak physical shape.

After leaving the Armed Forces, Todd pursued his dream of art and design, studying life drawing and photography and went on to complete a degree in literature. This path led him into journalism, landing himself a nice little job with the well-known gentleman’s magazine ’Australian Penthouse’ as a copy editor, finally working his way up to feature writer and deputy before resigning to take on a new role with an internet magazine. He left this job to start Australian Men’s health magazine for Murdoch magazines, after four years he decided to start his own company, which, besides, PR and Marketing services started to produce small magazines. Todd owns the licenses for Australian Sky and Telescope, Australian Yoga journal, SHAPE, Eat Fit and Australian Men’s Fitness. He now owns a small publishing company with six titles and 15 staff.

Todd flipping tyres at our April 2014 boot camp

Todd flipping tyres!

Australian Men’s Fitness magazine is for the average Australian man who wants to be fitter, stronger, healthier and happy. Written in an honest and witty Aussie style the magazine gives advice on training, nutrition, diet and explores the latest fitness trends to motivate and educate its readers, only using the very best Australian health and fitness experts.

As Todd walked around the Fresh Start Spa he said he was expecting to see camouflage netting, assault courses and sweaty recruits, instead he saw a 5 star resort with manicured gardens, elegant restaurant, detox centre and expansive massage/spa area. His luxurious hotel room looked over one of the two swimming pools which had, in his words “hot Thai and European woman bathing in skimpy bikinis”…Welcome to Boot Camp!

After the introductions to the other boot camp guests it was time for the base line tests of weigh in, metabolic age and fat measure using our state of the art Tanita scales. We also take measurements of waist, arms and legs to see what the centimeter loss is in comparison to the end base line tests after seven days of intense fitness boot camp.

As Todd inspects our first circuit of day one week one, he says “it’s pretty basic. The kettle bells are 4kg

Todd Cole with boot camp teachers

Louise co-founder of Fresh Start, Todd Cole and leaders Jaran and Chris

and 6kg. pffft, I think, are you kidding me? I’m a freaking five-times a week cross fitter who swings 32kg. What are these people thinking?”
However, a short time later he is showing mucho respect for our ‘basic little circuit’ and says
“Ninety minutes later, I’m bent over sucking in gas, saturated in sweat. My legs are so pumped with blood from jump squats I walk like I’ve shat myself. My heart rate monitor tells me I’ve torched about 1200 calories and hit and held my peak heart rate of 170, my maximum, at the top of the workout. Nothing makes a man more humble than pain”.

To read more of Todd’s experiences during his boot camp adventure, take a look at ‘Australian Men’s Fitness’, June 2014 edition.

To your very good health

Richard Thomas designer of the fresh start program

Richard designer of the Fresh Start program

Richard Thomas is a qualified fitness instructor, nutritionist and ex-Royal Marines Commando. After leaving the Military he became a Commercial diver and then Police officer, specializing in  Armed response, surveillance and tactical medic work. The boot camp program was designed by Richard using all of is previous training, experience and knowledge, making it a hard but achievable fitness experience for everyone of any fitness level.  The Boot Camp has been running for nearly 5 years and has seen some amazing results, our biggest loser to date is a staggering 11.3kg lost in only 7 days.      

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