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6 Health Gadgets You May Not Own But Should

6 Health Gadgets You May Not Own but Should

Look around, how many pieces of technology can you see? Televisions, gaming systems, laptops, tablets, cell phones, the list could go on! While we are constantly connected to technology in some way, many people have a gap in connectivity and technology for the most important aspect of their life—their health!

Since health technology can be overwhelming, we’ve narrowed it down to six health gadgets we think everyone can benefit from on their journey to health and wellbeing.

Smart Body Weight Scalescales photo for health gadgets blog
With the technological advances over the last several years, gadgets that have always been common household items have been revolutionised and scales are no exception. Smart scales can automatically sync your weight with your smart phone, computer, or tablet. Many of them allow you to set up profiles for all your family members to help keep everyone on track. Although pricier than traditional scales, smart scales are a great way to reach your weight loss goals and help you stay accountable to your goals.

Heart Rate Monitors
These devices aren’t just for top athletes! Heart rate monitors can ensure you are working out in an optimal zone based on your unique goals. They help motivate you to push yourself while also alerting you if you’re pushing yourself a bit too hard during a workout. This means (with proper medical clearance) that even people with certain health conditions are able to safely workout because they can tell exactly how much strain they are putting on their body.

Activity Trackers
These trendy fitness gadgets are here to stay. Activity trackers come in a wide variety of applications and can be found in almost any price range. Many can be worn on the body, either around your wrist, in your pocket, or on your arm to make sure you have it with you at all times during the day.

These devices count your steps, sleep, and in some cases even the level of activity (vigorous or light, for example) you do throughout the day, every day. This gives you a good idea of how much you move (or don’t move) during the day and can help you set gradual, achievable goals to improve your health.

If you’re counting steps for the first time, a good place to start is 10,000 steps a day. If this seems to like a big number to reach right off, try starting with 5,000 steps and gradually working your way up to 10,000. If you’re already active and easily reach 10,000 there’s no reason you can’t choose a higher goal to meet your needs.

Utilising an activity tracker you can review your progress and find out where you are doing well and where you need to improve with your activity level. If you’ve found yourself in a weight loss or fitness rut, a tracker may be just what you need to get going again. For competitive people, some of these devices even allow you to invite friends and family to good natured competitions to see who gets in the most steps or who can lose the most weight in a set period of time.

If you set up challenge to take part in, make sure everyone knows it is just for fun and keeps health their top priority.

If you tend to workout in a gym or find your workouts boring, headphones may be the answer. Listening to upbeat music while you work out can help the time pass quickly and help keep you motivated. Runners often find it easier to pace during their training runs when they select music with beats within a certain range. Some people may even find listening to audio books a good way to pass the time while working out—maybe you’ll even get in some extra activity because you want to find out what happens!

Headphones can be found in different colours, styles, and various features such as noise cancelation or blue tooth connectivity. Use caution if you use headphones outdoors, as they can cancel out noises you need to hear for safety reasons. Keep the volume low or only use headphones in one ear if you do decide to utilise them outside.

Even if you’ve tried headphones during your workouts in the past, try giving them another chance. Many companies have developed headphones specifically for working out that are sweat proof, water resistant, and designed to stay put while running or doing other fitness activities.

Food Scales
We know it’s important to weigh ourselves on occasion to make sure we stay in a healthy range, but a different kind of scale can help us get (and stay!) within that range. Food scales are a great way to help portion out your food as you prepare meals for yourself and your family. They are especially beneficial for people trying to lose weight or new to healthy eating because we often overestimate serving sizes. These scales come in a variety of price ranges and can be either manual or digital. We’re fans of the digital versions to reduce user error when reading small print on manual scales. Once you get the hang of portion control and what you should be eating, you won’t need to weigh and measure all your food—but it’s good to check yourself from time to time to help keep the pounds from sneaking back on.

Nutrition Trackers
Often applications or websites, rather than individual devices, nutrition trackers are a priceless tool when trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to let a few bad food choices slide in form time to time and we believe in the occasional treat, as long as it really is only occasional. Keeping track of your food and nutrition intake will help keep you honest with yourself and may help pinpoint the reason you aren’t losing weight if you’ve hit a plateau or struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Common sources of hidden calories include cooking oils and fats like butter (try cooking with coconut oil instead!), beverages other than plain water, and small snacks you may find yourself grazing on throughout the day. Several food trackers can be accessed online or from your smartphone, making it easy to log your food on the go. They let you set goals specific to your nutritional needs, activity level, and individual weight goals.
Louise and Richard Thomas founders of the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp at the Spa Resort Chiang Mai

At Fresh Start Thailand Fitness boot camp we believe fitness and health can be enjoyable and dare we say—fun! While we think health gadgets can be helpful and fun ways to improve your health, we also believe anyone can achieve their goals through determination and dedication even without these gadgets. Are you a fan of health gadgets? What are your favourites? We’d love to hear on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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