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2015 Fitness Trends

2015 Fitness Trends

Now that we’ve settled in to the New Year, let’s look at what 2015 has in store for us in the fitness scene. Trends for fitness are ever-evolving, and while many trends disappear as quickly as they pop up, some trends offer more benefits than others and stay strong in fitness standings—while making you strong as well!

Body Weight Exercises

This year’s top contender is body weight based exercise. Exactly what it sounds like, these exercises rely on your body weight instead of weights or fancy equipment. It can be completed anywhere, anytime, and works for any fitness level, making it ideal for virtually everyone interested in starting a fitness routine or improving their fitness level. There’s no need to go to a gym to work out, so this type of exercise is also a great excuse buster! Examples of bodyweight exercises include pushups, lunges, and squats (without extra weights).


High Intensity Interval Training was on top in 2014, and although it’s slipped down a spot in the rankings, is still one of our favorite forms of exercise because it offers intense results with minimal time commitment. HIIT is around for the long haul and you can expect to see it remain on the fitness trend rankings for years to come. HITT is something Fresh Start really beleive in, using curcuit training, x-Fit, Insanity and boot camp style out door tyre drags to name but a few.

For those who aren’t familiar, HIIT is exercise that is performed in short bursts of activity. Exercises, whether it’s sprinting or sets of body weight exercises, are completed for a set period of time—say two minutes as an example—followed by a short period of rest equal to, or less than the exercise time, and again followed by a burst of activity. It’s a great way to boost your cardiovascular endurance, blast calories and fat, and improve muscle response. HIIT is our go to way to help our clients reach their goals!

Strength Training

For those looking to tone up and gain strength, strength training is the place to be. Strength training is different from bodyweight training because it requires the use of weights or resistance bands in order to challenge the muscles and make you stronger. This type of exercise, often referred to as weight training, can help increase muscle size, build endurance, and increase muscle strength.
Strength training is a great way to incorporate a growing trend known as functional fitness, which means the exercises being completed are meant to help with day to day activities, such as lifting a child or moving boxes at work. The exercises in functional fitness mimic the real life motions and help build the strength needed to complete the activities safely and efficiently. Kettle bell classes and strength circuits are a must do here at the Thailand Boot camp.

Personal Trainingpolaroid-06

Personal training involves utilizing a professional fitness instructor to help you reach your health and fitness goals. The trainer will analyze your current fitness level and help you develop goals that are both attainable and challenging. Personal training can be motivating because the training session keeps you accountable and the trainer will help you assess your progress as time goes on. It can be very motivating to discover things you struggled to do at the start are suddenly much easier to accomplish. Training sessions are a good educational experience that will help should you venture out on your own in your fitness goals later on.

Group Classes

These classes come in an endless variety and can be a great way to increase motivation, have some fun, and learn new things. Group classes are full of energy and often make working out seem like more fun than work! They can help keep you accountable because you are more likely to schedule attending the class in to your week than you would a workout on your own. Group fitness classes are a good choice for people who are interested in guided fitness, but may not necessarily want to spend the money on private personal training sessions.

2015 has a lot to offer with this year’s fitness trends, pick out one or two that you haven’t tried to help get you on the path to a happier, healthier you!

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp at the Spa Resort Chiang MaiGetting and staying fit can be very challenging For many of us, sometimes it is hard just to get off the couch. But if you come here to Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp we promise that regardless of your current fitness level our program and instructors will challenge you physically and push you to achieve your individual best. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you to get a fresh start! To see our action packed programme visit our bootcamp programme page.

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