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10 Ways To Get Restful Sleep

10 Ways to Get Restful Sleep

Sleep is one of those things that many of us want to get more of, can’t get enough of, or can never seem to do easily. With our stressful and busy lives, we seem to go to bed later, suffer from insomnia which stops us from getting to sleep, or lack quality sleep periods. None of this is a good thing. Not only does adequate and good quality rest mean that we have more energy and a clear head to get through the day, but it is also vital for stress management, and for a healthy functioning endocrine system. So let’s look at 10 ways to get restful sleep for better overall health and well-being.

1. Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine

One of the most important things you can do to bring on a restful sleep it to enter dreamtime through a bedtime routine. It is really beneficial to have a bedtime that you stick to every day. It is recommended to be in no later than 10:00 pm, which mean starting to get ready for bed no later than 9:30. It is also recommended to have some bedtime routines that you start before 9:30pm that will help you to relax before bedtime. Some useful activities can include doing some stretching, yoga, massage or taking a warm bath with essential oils such as lavender to stimulate relaxation.

2. Eliminate Blue Light Before Bed

10 Ways to Get Restful SleepRelated to this first tip, it is also really important that the time before you sleep does not involve any blue light. Blue light is stress-inducing and impairs the quality of your sleep at night by messing with your natural sleep cycle. It also stimulates the stress hormone cortisol and affects how melatonin, the natural sleep hormone, is dispersed throughout body.
To avoid excessive blue light, especially at night, you want to turn off your TV and give yourself a screen curfew 30 minutes before bed. That means no computers, iPods, iPads or mobile phone before bedtime. Try having warm bath, some quiet conversation or read a good book instead.

3. Stand Barefoot On the Earth

This might seem a little woo-woo but scientific studies have proven the benefits of “earthing” or “grounding”, that is, standing with barefoot on the earth. Doing this helps to ground the body, providing you with a better night’s sleep. In fact, it can also help to improve perceptions of pain, stress, relaxation, mood, and general health too. Even though earthing has not yet been embraced by the medical community as an effective health-promoting activity, the science behind it clearly indicates that it does have positive health effects, so it definitely worth trying if you really want to get a more restful sleep.

4. Take Natural Sleep Supplements

One of the reasons why you may not sleep so well is because you are deficient in some important minerals. You may also find that some natural ways to promote sleep could involve taking om special herb supplements. These herbs and supplements have been linked to improvements in sleep and are also natural ways to promote sleep:

• Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant which helps to regulate blood sugar by assisting your cells in producing energy from glucose.
• Calcium is an important nutrient for sleep because it supports energy production, regulates blood sugar and keeps the stress hormone parathyroid under control, which can lead to insomnia when not kept in check.
• Valerian Root is known as an effective sleep aid, sedative, and pain reliever.
• Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and is known to have such a calming sedative effect which is highly beneficial for sleep. Try it as a tea before bedtime!

5. Relax your mind

10 Ways to Get Restful SleepTrying to go to sleep while ruminating and worrying is a sure-fire way to prevent you from getting to sleep soundly. It has been shown in several studies that worrying is one of the greatest reasons that people have difficulty in sleeping. If this is the case for you, then one of the ways to sleep easier that you might benefit from trying is meditation before bed as a way to relax the mind and ease the worry. You could also try journaling as a way of getting your thoughts down on paper so you don’t lie in bed worrying about them rather than getting shut-eye.

6. Eat Clean, Whole Foods

Tied into the previous point, it is recommended to eat whole foods, and avoid very highly-processed, junky, foods for good sleep quality. The foods to avoid usually contain additives, thickeners, emulsifiers, and other not-real food ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and MSG. All of these ingredients are highly inflammatory, highly stimulating and toxic to the nervous system, which means they are highly disruptive to your sleep health. By adding in more whole foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seed, you will crowd out the desire for the junky foods that won’t leave you feeing great.

7. Beware the Caffeine

Due to its stimulant qualities, caffeine is best avoided in the afternoon and evenings as it can affect you natural sleep-wake cycle and your hormonal rhythms which lead to better sleep when kept in check. Switch to decaf or better still, swap you daily coffee brew for herbal tea.

8. Skip the Booze

Even though you might think a little alcoholic night cap is what you need to relax and sleep well, it is actually adversely affecting your sleep quality. Alcohol affects the REM sleeps, can drop your blood sugar levels which in turn causes your stress hormones to rise, which will lead to your waking up throughout the night. That is why you wake up feeling unrested after having a night on the tiles. Try and break your nightly glass-of-wine habit or limo tot to just a few nights a week to see if cutting back makes a difference to the quality of your sleep. Perhaps also consider drinking herbal tea as a way to promote sleep that doesn’t involve alcohol and which will also help to being on a good quality sleep.

9. Get a Comfortable Mattress

One of the best way to sleep well at night naturally is by sleeping on the best mattress possible. They say that one of the best investments you can make is a good quality mattress. Not only should it be comfortable and supportive to your back, but you want your mattress to be made from high quality and toxin-free fabrics.

10. Maintain a Good Room and Body Temperature

For good quality sleep, you want to maintain a nice, warm temperature so you are not too cold and not too hot to feel comfortable. This might mean adjusting the settings on your AC or heater into a sleep mode and sleeping with the right thickness of duvet for the season.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

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