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10 Reasons To Visit Amazing Thailand

10 Reasons to Visit Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. Here are my 10 reasons why should you go to Thailand on holiday this year.

Amazing Thailand cusine 1. Phenomenal Thai Cuisine.

Thailand is famous all over the world for its cuisine! It’s not just their use of fresh ingredients and leaner cuts of meat which are healthier and better when it comes to taste. But also their incredible combination of spices (sweet, sour, spicy salty) which give the food its amazing flavor. The food is also very cheap, which is why most Thai people eat from the food stalls that are dotted along every road side.

It’s not only Thai food that is fantastic! Thailand has an amazing atmosphere because of the eclectic mix of people living in the country including its many expats, who have also set up fabulous world renowned restaurants.

2. Good Value For Money.

Thailand is cheap to visit and cheap to live in. Once the flights are taken care of living expenses are cheap compared to back home. You can spend £2.50 on food and drinks for the whole day including snacks. Accommodation is also very reasonable and very good meal in the evening will cost you between £3 to £7 pounds plus an average night out will range anywhere between £30 to £50, which is amazing value for money!

3. Fantastic Warm Weather

Coming from a colder country you will instantly appreciate the fantastic all year around weather that Thailand has to offer. While it can be hot and humid in some months its tropical weather is what most people can look forward to. Only in January can you see temperatures that go down to 20 degrees Celsius otherwise its pretty hot and mainly sunny all year around. The weather is much milder in the North which is why any Thai people flock to Chiang Mai which they call the rose of the North.

4.Beaches, Tropical Islands, Coral Reef and rice paddy fields.Rice growing in Thailand

Thailand’s waters are hiding one of the most diverse and beautiful coral reefs in the world. When in You will find amazing opportunities to do a bit of snorkelling and diving that will allow you to see some of nature’s most amazing creations

Thailand is renowned for having beautiful and pristine beaches and has 7 out of the top 10 best beaches in the world. What is not there to love  about having crystal clear turquoise waters, and bungalows right on the sand,  it is no wonder people book holidays to Thailand year after year and never get bored – It’s a tropical paradise.

There are many picture perfect tropical islands around the country that are absolutely amazing. I would recommend Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Surin Island, Ko Adang, and Ko Lanta, as some of the places that are not to be missed, there is something to uncover during every stop!

One of the distinctive sights of Thailand are the rice paddy fields. There is a strong tradition of rice growing in Thailand. It has the fifth largest amount of land growing rice in the World. It is also the second biggest exporter of rice in the World. This is why you see so many rice paddy fields dotted around the landscape. They are very lovely to look at.Check out more information about rice growing in Thailand here

Land of smiles5.The People in amazing Thailand!

Thai people are one of the friendliest and most welcoming hosts in the world. No chore and no request from you is too much for them. Everything they do, they do with a smile on their faces. They want to make your visit to their country the best they can. It is called the ‘land of smiles’ which is definitely true.

6. Spa and Pampering

There is an incredible variety of massages and spa treatments available in Thailand. A one hour massage session can cost as little as £3 pounds and if you get bored of that you can always try tropical face treatment or a crushed coconut and orange body polish, where you will be in absolute Heaven.

7. Jungle

Thailand has one of the most incredible and lush jungles in the world. If you get tired of getting massaged or snorkelling in the sea, why not go and take a trip through the fabulous jungles where you will encounter amazing views, dense forests, waterfalls to cool off in, and an amazing variety of wildlife.

8.Cosmopolitan Environment

There are many people from all over the world living in Thailand. It’s one of the most diverse countries in Southeast Asia. You will encounter international stores, famous global food chains and restaurants as well as multiplex cinemas. It’s a fantastic eclectic melting pot of different people that needs to be experienced.

Amazing Thailand monks at Doi Suthep9. Spiritualism and Culture

Thai people are deeply spiritual and the country has an incredible amount of temples and ancient ruins. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat there is no better place than visiting one the Buddhist temples there. There are monks on every street corner, in their wonderful orange cloaks and shaved heads.

10. Adventure holidays

Adventure type holidays are springing up all over Thailand from the rolling hills of Chiang Mai to the tropical beaches of Phuket. Take your pick from an array of activities establishments from the flight of the gibbon to a fitness bootcamp. The great thing about Thailand is the wonderful countryside and it is fantastic to be able to do outside activities in the lovely tropical climate.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the many reasons to visit amazing Thailand and we hope to welcome you to Chiang Mai soon!

Richard Thomas designer of the fresh start program

Richard designer of the Fresh Start program

The Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp is the only authentic boot camp holiday in Thailand. The program was devised by Richard Thomas, who is a former physical training instructor in the British Royal Marines. All the leaders are ex-military and our professionalism, results, reviews and leadership is unrivaled. Our fitness holidays are all about our guests goals and aspirations and our ultimate aim is to help you get fitter and healthier in magical Thailand.





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