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10 Reasons Not To Eat Sugar

10 reasons not to eat sugar

So what’s your take on sugar? Have you ever questioned its existence and how it stars so highly in your shopping basket. Could you go for a week without sugar? Do you experience out of control cravings for it? Have you ever tried stopping for a while but the cravings are so intense you have to give in?

It can be argued that sugar has become addictive in our lives. But very few people know, or even care, that this sweet delight, could eventually lead to a serious health condition. So let’s look at the facts. When I talk about sugar I am also including high fructose corn syrup as this is as bad. Check your food labelling as high fructose corn syrup is a cheap sugar substitute and found in may products.

Diabetes and obesity have been linked with sugar usage for years, yet people still follow this subtle killer. They blindly believe that the only fears they have to worry about with sugar is being overweight and diabetic. If they only knew as sugar consumption is linked to many of our present diseases. There is no shortage of research linking sugar consumption and disease. A major study found that sugar can cause diabetes even if it doesn’t make you overweight.

10 reasons not to eat sugarHere is a list of good reasons not to eat sugar.

1. Sugar is bad for your teeth and contains no nutritional value at all: The easily digestible energy is just what the bad bacteria needs to finish corrupting your teeth. And did you know having bad teeth can lead to heart trouble and heart trouble could eventually KILL you!

2. Sugar overloads your liver: Sugar turns into glucose (something that your body produces anyway whether you eat sugar or not), and fructose (which the body does not produce enough of, so therefore there is no physiological need for it). In regards to fructose, the liver stores it in the liver and if you eat too much sugar, this fructose can be in overabundance and within the liver can turn into fat. This causes a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

3. Sugar consumption has been linked to!: Cancer is a dangerous killer worldwide. Millions have died from it. Cancer has been associated with an overgrowth of cells that’s uncontrollable. Insulin that is in your body regulates the growth of cells. However, too much sugar intake causes harmful effects to your metabolism, thus insulin cannot perform its job, and therefore could contribute to CANCER!

4. Sugar is addictive: Sugar increases dopamine in the brain, thus, for most people, sugar is addictive.
5. Sugar raises your cholesterol: Seeing that sugar turns to fructose, it raises your triglycerides, bad cholesterol, blood glucose, and insulin levels. These are what is considered to be high risks to heart disease, which, as stated above can cause you to get very ill!

6. Sugar can suppress your immune system: Without your immune system working properly, you cannot fight of disease. If any of my kids get ill we cut out all sugar straight away!

7. Sugar can also lead to alcoholism: I don’t think I have to tell you the dangers of alcohol, and HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE FROM ALCOHOL RELATED DEATHS, but did you know that an overload of sugar leads to alcoholism?

8. An overload of sugar can cause appendicitis.

9. Sugar can damage your pancreas: An overabundance of sugar intake can cause the enzymes in your pancreas, which are in charge for making insulin to regulate your cell growth, can cause these enzymes to turn and start to devour the pancreas!

10. Sugar leads to kidney stones: with the constant intake of sugar, the kidneys cause the development of kidney stones.

If you don’t take my word for it watch the thought provoking video called ‘ Sugar The Bitter Truth’. Dr. Robert Lustig from UCSF. Lustig is an expert on childhood obesity and has been warning about the the health hazards of sugar for years. He believes sugar should be regulated the same way alcohol is.

Here is another great video from CBS news interviewing Dr Lustig ‘Is sugar toxic?’

I hope you learn that sugar is as addictive like a drug. Although the effects are not so obviously seen, IT IS WHAT YOU DON’T SEE THAT CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOU!

We need to wake up to the damaging effects of sugar, if you want to have great skin , a sharp mind, increase your vitality and live a disease free life then ditch the processed sugar.

Try and get your sweet fix from natural sources as much as you can. I am not suggesting that you cut out all the sugar in your diet, this might become stressful which in turn is bad for your health. Just try and become more conscious and aware of what you eat, stay active and don’t overeat.

Personally I cut out all sugar for one whole month and I felt amazing, my mind was really sharp and connected, I had more energy and my skin looked great. Going forward I try and do my best trying to cut down on the sugar and eat as much clean unprocessed food as  I can, drink lots of water and try and keep myself on track as much as possible fitting in with my daily life. It is challenging to take all sugar out of your diet. But cutting down on processed food which is laden with sugar is a good start. Finding healthier sugar substitutes is another good idea, we use Stevia and Xylitol.

Health warning for your children.

If you have children look out for the amount of sugar in children’s drinks. Alarmingly today I picked up a cartoon of Ribena and looked at the ingredients. There was a warning on the carton saying that under 3’s shouldn’t drink it! I am not sure why I would want to give it to my 3 and 8 year old then! How many parents read these labels? Or do they unknowingly give them to their children without knowing the damage they are doing.

We are all on different journeys so just do your best and stay aware and awake!

References Relationship of Sugar to Population-Level Diabetes Prevalence: An Econometric Analysis of Repeated Cross-Sectional Data Published: February 27, 2013 Authors Sanjay Basu Mail, Paula Yoffe, Nancy Hills and Rober H.Lustig

Louise is co-founder of fresh start Thailand fitness bootcamp

Louise co-founder of Fresh Start

Louise is co-founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Boot Camp Holidays at the Spa health resort which is located in the rolling hills of Chiang Mai and established in January 2010. Louise runs the bootcamp with her husband Richard. Their camp is the perfect place to get fit and healthy, re-charge your batteries and escape the pressures of modern living. They take a holistic approach to health and fitness and share their combined 50 years of knowledge with their Fresh Start tribe of followers. Many of their guests regularly return.



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