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10 Natural Metabolism Boosters

10 Natural Metabolism Boosters

10 Natural Metabolism Boosters

Anyone can make a list of things they need to do to boost their metabolism. The important question to ask however is ‘what are you doing that is slowing down your metabolism?’ Can you speed up your metabolism? Yes you can with natural metabolism boosters, but first let’s look at what is slowing your metabolism in the first place.

Natural Metabolism Boosters●You can’t change the ageing process. With ageing comes a natural decrease in your body’s metabolic rate. This explains why people gain weight as they age. Activity levels tend to decrease as we age and research shows that sedentary people have the lowest metabolic rates.

●No Fad Diets and Skipping Meals. Fad diets have built-in health hazards that deprive you of essential nutrients. Also, not eating has a drastic effect on your metabolic rate. It results in an energy deficiency and your body tries to conserve energy by slowing down your metabolic rate. Frequent diets can decrease your energy expenditure by as much as 14%.

●You can’t lead a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise speeds up metabolism and it increases the HDL cholesterol level. A weight management program with suitable nutrition and exercise can reduce the risks of a slow metabolism and high cholesterol levels.

But how do you actually know if you’re in need of a boost to your metabolism? Look out for a few common signs –

●always feeling cold
●ongoing fatigue
●dry skin
●irregular menstruation
●bloating after eating
●constipation and slow-moving bowels
●mood disorders such as anxiety

What Is this sought-after Metabolism?

Natural Metabolism BoostersMetabolism relates to important bodily functions as well as physical activity that requires energy. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy required for all our actions and activities.

Quick Natural Metabolism Booster Tips

●never skip a meal and certainly not breakfast!
●eat smaller, frequent meals
●exercise for between 30 – 60 minutes at least 5x a week

Luckily, there are some natural metabolism boosters than can kick-start the body into using calories more efficiently. Let’s look at 10 natural metabolism boosters –

1. Meal size and frequency – eating breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. During the day, smaller, more frequent meals increase metabolic rate. Protein rich foods tend to speed metabolic rate through what is known as thermogenesis – a metabolic process where your body burns calories to produce heat.

2. Exercise is the most effective way to boost metabolism. High intensity exercise can increase your metabolic rate so much that you burn off extra kilojoules, even when you’re resting after exercise, and for as much as 16 hours after exercise has stopped.

3. Keep your hormones balanced – a number of hormones of the endocrine systems control the rate of metabolism. Thyroxine for instance plays an important role in determining how fast or slow the chemical reactions of metabolism are.

4. Metabolism influences how easily we gain or lose weight. That’s where calories come in. The body stores calories, primarily as fat, so if you eat too many calories, excess fat builds up. Change your BMR – basal metabolic rate – the rate at which the body burns energy. To some extent, BMR is inherited, but we can change it by becoming more physically fit.

Natural Metabolism Boosters5. Metabolic diseases – Typical diseases are diabetes and hyperthyroidism, caused by an over-active thyroid gland and too much of the hormone thyroxine. These chronic diseases of lifestyle are associated with malnutrition. The thyroid gland for instance, controls important metabolic processes such as energy expenditure. Suitable changes towards a healthier diet will be required to obtain the range of essential nutrients.

6. Metabolism relies on your nutrient intake. You need to obtain various nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats to produce energy so as to synthesize new tissue and proteins in the form of nucleic acids – the building blocks of living organisms.

7. A welcome Cuppa – yes, a few studies have shown that caffeine consumption increases metabolic burn, possibly because it helps the body break down fat. The idea is to not go overboard and suddenly increase your intake of tea and coffee but to enjoy the 2 or 3 cups you have.

8. Keep stress levels as low as possible. When you’re highly stressed, you burn far less calories. Stress activates the hormone cortisol which has been clearly linked to slowing the metabolism and increasing the risk for obesity. Be aware of your stress signals in the early stages and act before the situation deteriorates.

9. Not getting enough quality sleep can slow metabolism. Quality sleep is important for providing rest and restoration, both physically and mentally. To enjoy a good nights rest, try and deal with the issues that cause anxiety before you go to bed.

10. There are many metabolism-boosting supplements on the market, but look out for products that contain evidence-backed ingredients such as caffeine, chlorogenic acid, EGCG or capsaicin. Green tea for instance is a common ingredient while Capsaicin, an ingredient in hot peppers, is excellent for stimulating metabolic rate and promoting the breakdown of fat.

A Fun Natural Metabolism Booster Getaway

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Longing to have a little help with a faster metabolism, a healthier- and more balanced lifestyle? The Fresh Start boot camp fitness vacation is presented by people dedicated to health and fitness. They want to help you evaluate your health and the risks associated with your lifestyle, and guide you towards a better, healthier lifestyle. With excellent fitness trainers, a superb venue, great programs and a healthy menu, these natural metabolism boosters all work wonders in a stress free environment, and you’ll also get to experience the wonder of Thailand too.









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