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10 Christmas Health Tips

10 Christmas Health Tips


Christmas Health TipsChristmas is a time to indulge, but you don’t need to end the holiday season feeling sluggish and overweight. Try these Christmas health tips and start the New Year the right way.

Cut back on the booze

With all the Christmas parties and festive merriness, it’s easy to overindulge when it comes to your alcohol units. One of the most important Christmas health tips is keeping tabs on your drinking. While everyone wants to have fun, cutting back on one or two drinks at every occasion can make a huge difference over the course of the month.

Christmas mental health tips

While it’s tempting to slob out watching the long list of festive flicks, you’ll feel much better mentally if you jump off the couch and do something that’s going to stimulate your brain. Break out the board games, play a game of cards or just chat with the rest of your family.

Go for a morning walk

Christmas Health TipsYou’ll feel better (and less guilty) if you head off on a morning walk before you sit down for your big Christmas lunch. Lace up your walking boots and head off on a bracing Xmas hike with the folks. Plus, it will be much better for your digestion later in the day.

Limit your lunch and eat healthy Christmas food

While Christmas is a time for indulgence, you can still fill up without gut-busting sized plates. Research suggests the average Christmas lunch is over 3,000 calories. That’s 50% more than the average daily recommended allowance before you throw on the chocolates, booze and other treats.

Stay relaxed

While Christmas is supposed to be a joyful occasion, for many the stress can push them over the edge. With all the present buying, lunch preparation, decorations and more, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Try to take things step by step and stay relaxed.

Make healthy treat swaps

Christmas Health TipsWe’re all guilty of diving into that chocolate box or tray of mince pies but try to limit your sugar intake and opt for one of the healthier snacks like fruit and nuts. You’ll feel a whole lot better at the end of the day and you won’t have so much work to do when you start that health kick in January.

How to have a healthy Christmas dinner

The age-old advice still applies. Defrost your turkey slowly in the fridge and never wash it in the sink. You don’t want your guests leaving with a bout of food poisoning. Also, try not to leave cooked food out all day and as soon as its cooled, wrap it up and leave in the fridge.

Stay hydrated

If you have overindulged, try to keep dehydrated. Better still, try to drink a glass of water between every drink and an extra one just before bed. You’ll wake up feeling a lot more refreshed.

Take vitamins

Top up your vitamin intake with some supplements. Not only will it make you feel better, you’ll also maintain a healthy immune system making it much less likely to catch one of the common winter colds.

Head off to a Christmas health retreat 2018

If you’d rather skip Christmas this year, you can swap it all for a health-boosting boot camp in Thailand. Shun the presents, decorations and overindulgence for an exotic holiday where you’ll get in shape, discover the local culture and come back feel renewed.

If you’re sold on a Christmas fitness retreat, look no further than our Chiang Mai bootcamp in Northern Thailand. Combine HIIT exercises with sightseeing and Northern Thai cuisine for the vacation of a lifetime. You won’t be going alone. Along with like-minded individuals and professional coaches, you can kickstart your new year resolutions and make the most of your time here. All the transport, food, accommodation, coaching and visits to the local attractions are included, plus there’s often last-minute deals if you get in touch.

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