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Holistic fitness holiday, residential boot camps & weight loss retreat Chiang Mai Thailand - adults, couples, solo travellers. A nourishing escape set in a sanctuary of natural beauty. Rediscover your true essence in magical Thailand.

Dear future guests, we are closed at the moment due to the Covid 19 restrictions. We will be happy to answer all of your inquiries and answer any of your questions. Stay safe and hope to see you soon.


Would you like to increase your fitness levels, lose some weight or do you prefer an active healthy holiday? Would you like to increase your energy, mental clarity and find some peace? Our guests go home feeling healthier, calmer and pampered. Benefit from our 10 years of experience running our weight loss retreat and fitness holiday in magical Thailand.

Fitness holiday and weight loss retreat for adults

Our residential fitness holiday is perfect for solo travellers or couples. This is a totally guided group programme, with the same friendly trainers for each 7 day retreat. This enables our trainers to monitor your  progress,  making sure your goals are being met. You will be part of a group of like minded people from all around the World.

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Book from 5 to 28 days away from the temptations of daily life. You can start tomorrow – yes last minute fitness and weight loss holidays can happen! All we ask for is a deposit. The balance is paid at the end of your stay with us. 

Thailand weight loss and fitness Holiday Retreat

Would you like to enjoy fitness activities in Thailands picturesque landscape? Training besides a waterfall or climbing temple steps? Then enjoy our mouth watering menu freshly made from our onsite organic  farm. At the end of the day be pampered with soothing massages. And get a restful nights sleep in our super comfy beds!

Click here for photos of our enchanting location, call the UK on + 44 (0) 7954 038 284 to speak with Richard directly with any questions. Or send us a message via the Contact Form.

Get fit and lose weight on holiday, return home feeling refreshed and restored.

Why Choose Our Fitness Boot Camp?

Why choose our fitness boot camp?

We are very proud to say our weight loss retreat and fitness holiday is now 10 years old. Our fitness camps for adults are so popular that we run them every week. We are SUPER FLEXIBLE and you can start any day of the week and we are fine with a last minute fitness holiday booking! See our program for More Details>

We are here to help you get fitter, healthier, calmer and energised in an enchanting setting.

Our luxury fitness and healthy holidays are a fantastic way to enjoy time abroad whilst also improving your physical and mental health . Visit our  camp to gain more body confidence, lose weight, improve your fitness, find peace, feel calmer and kick start the new you

Who Is This Fitness Retreat For?

Who is this fitness retreat for?

We have all-inclusive fitness and weight loss retreat packages which include residential stays (from 1-4 weeks) in luxurious pool side accommodation and spacious villa’s. Clean, filling and healthy delicious menu, snacks, cultural excursions, daily bottled water, fresh coconuts, pampering massages, fat busting far sauna’s, free wifi, action packed fitness and health program and round trip airport transfers.

People from all over the world come to stay with us. All ages, all fitness levels.

Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, tone up, need a re-charge and mental detox. Even if you’re just starting out or are already an avid exerciser then our health and fitness retreats are definitely for you!

We Are Here For YOU

We are here for YOU

We pride ourselves in being one of the best fitness holidays abroad. Exercising in the unspoilt Thai tropical paradise. Our reliable team of passionate and caring fitness professionals will be with you throughout your fitness and weight loss boot camp retreat.

Encouraging you through the unrivalled Fresh Start program and inspiring you to create long-term change.

Our trainers are all fitness professionals with extensive knowledge in health for all age ranges and fitness levels and are with you ALL DAY EVERYDAY! 

Let us help YOU be the best version of yourself and create long-term positive health choices for a happier, healthier future. It’s time for YOU to be on top of your ‘to do list’!

A Day In The Life Of Our Boot Camp Holiday

A day in the life of our boot camp holiday

A typical Fresh Start fitness and weight loss retreat day :

  • Breakfast
  • A walk through the Thai countryside
  • Fresh Start circuits at cloud nine with stunning views of the mountains
  • Organic, delicious & healthy lunch
  • Muay Thai classes run by professional trainers
  • Stretch session in our onsite pool, yoga or pilates
  • Delicious healthy calorie controlled  dinner
  • Far Sauna or Massage to end your day

We also include a trip to the famous Chiang Mai night bizarre where we have a swim and sauna at the Shangri-la 5* hotel followed by a healthy evening meal together followed by free time to explore, shop and have a massage.

Visiting Chiang Mai Thailand

Visiting Chiang Mai Thailand

Leave the hustle and bustle of modern life behind you. Totally immerse yourself into the wonderful Thai culture called the ‘land of smiles’. Savour local cuisine and benefit from a natural approach to healthy sustainable living. 

We will be your guides taking you to some breath-taking locations, including majestic waterfalls, quaint rice paddy fields and villages, golden temples, captivating lakes and nature trails. Nature REALLY is our fitness and health haven. 

Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand and has been voted one of the best tourist destinations in the World.

Our healthy fitness holiday or weight loss retreat will allow you to re-connect with yourself, recharge your batteries and feel closer to nature. Book now we can always take a booking for a last minute fitness holiday!

Success Stories

Success stories

We’ve seen many heart warming transformations over the past 9 years at our weight loss and fitness retreat.

Results vary but we generally see a 1-8 kilo weight loss in the first week. You can expect to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. Guests comment on their glowing skin, toned bodies and their huge sense of achievement. Get a mental and emotional re-set too!

Our menu is clean and fresh from the on-site organic farm, giving you all the calories and nutrients you need. Many of our guests comment on how full they feel! We can also cater to individual dietary needs, including veggie and vegan. 

Leave feeling nourished and restored ready to continue your life with increased vitality and vigour.

Results do vary from person to person. Please visit our Trip Advisor and testimonial pages to hear from our guests yourself.

Here is what our guests have to say about our Fresh Start healthy holidays


Our Latest Testimonials

The instructors worked us super hard and were very helpful. Jo is super sweet and very caring, Great personality. Anton and Jez were very kind and great coaches. Pushed me hard to lose my extra KG. I enjoyed all activities, especially the long walks, hiking all day and the tennis lessons. The tennis instructor and the Mauy Thai boxing were hilarious and super fun.
Weight loss 1 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 2.4% body fat in 2 weeks

Patricia Dos Santos, 8 – 22 February 2019, US

I’m very pleased with my results. Jez, Anton , Jo and Pong have been amazing. I will definitely be coming again.
Weight loss 2.9 kilo, Waist width 15 cm, Lost 1.6% body fat in 2 weeks.

Michael Persson, 8 – 22 February 2019, US

Jez was a great trainer, very focused and the right balance of pushing and listening to your body. Pong and Weena are very helpful. Loving the Bootcamp

Luke Sullivan, 17 – 25 February 2019, Hong Kong

Anton is a legend, I learned such a lot. Jez I learned a lot. Pong and Jo where both excellent in supporting and Weena really Made us feel at home.
Weight loss 2.6 kilo, Waist width 3 cm in 2 weeks.

Khaiyyaam bin Khalid, 6 – 22 February 2019, Denmark

Fresh Start Bootcamp was the perfect way to spend a week taking care of myself. The setting was peaceful and variety of activities was challenging and fun. Our trainers, Jez and Methee were encouraging and professional and knew how to make things safe. They tailored each activity to the strengths of each participant. We are so grateful for all of their help and knowledge and thanks to Weena for all the information and guidelines throughout the holiday. Thank you for a wonderful week and a fresh start to leading a healthy lifestyle.
Weight loss 1.8 kilo, Waist width 4.5 cm in 1 week.

Carla Molloy, 2 – 9 February 2019, US

The trainers Anton and Jo made the Bootcamp totally amazing. They provided great classes and fitness sessions and adapted as necessary. The food was lovely and easy to make changes individual tastes. I would highly recommend Fresh Start 100%, professional, motivating, encouraging and great team spirit
Weight loss 2.3 kilo, Waist width 6 cm in 1 week.

Andrea Straughan, 22 February – 1 March 2019, UK

I have done a number of bootcamps previously and I was expecting this to be similar in nicer surroundings, but I was not anticipating the fabulous experiences that this bootcamp provided. Anton and Jo looked after us so well and delivered an extremely well planned programme. It was hugely varied and allowed us to see some amazing local sights as well as pushing us to our limits. All of us saw great results after the week and it felt more like a holiday than just a fitness camp. Thank you for such a fab time.
Weight loss 1.6 kilo, Waist width 2.5 cm, Lost 1.1% body fat in 1 week.

-Hannah Frost, 22 February – 1 March 2019, UK


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