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      New experiences
      new friends
      happy new you.
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      The location is incredible just like the results
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      Get a fresh start at our luxury fitness and weight loss boot camp holiday
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      Unless you are ready to achieve your goals look away now!
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      We work together to achieve our individual goals
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      Re-charge your batteries in the lush Thai countryside
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      We are with YOU every step of your journey
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      Results come to those that go beyond their limits
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      Experience fun and camaraderie
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      You will absolutely love our healthy and mouth watering menu
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      Not just the first step but a positive leap towards the fitness levels you have been promising yourself
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      Real people, real goals and real results
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      You bring the drive and determination and we will provide the rest
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      Join our global community of like minded people
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      You can't beat the group atmosphere here at Fresh Start
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      Enjoy the cultural delights of chiang Mai
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  • Why choose our fitness boot camp?

    We are very proud to say we are 7 years old and our luxury fitness boot camp residential holidays are so popular that we run them every week. You can start any day of the week.
    See our program for more details >

    We are here to help you get fitter, healthier and energised in an enchanting setting.

    Our luxury fitness holidays are a fantastic way to enjoy time abroad whilst also improving your health and fitness. If you’re looking to gain more body confidence, lose weight, improve your fitness and kick start the new you, then coming to our fitness boot camp is an excellent way to achieve it.

    Who is this fitness retreat for?

    We have all-inclusive packages which include residential stays (from 1-4 weeks) in luxurious pool side accommodation. Clean, filling and healthy delicious menu, snacks, cultural excursions, daily bottled water, pampering massages, fat busting far sauna’s, free wifi, action packed fitness program and round trip airport transfers.

    People from all over the world come to stay with us. All ages, all fitness levels.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, tone up, need a re-charge or if you’re just starting out or are already an avid exerciser – our boot camp vacation is definitely for you! 

    What an amazing week! It was tough but it has been so rewarding and I am so much better for kicking off 2016 at Fresh Start. It's very well organized & I loved my time, I always felt supported, encouraged, motivated & best of all it was fun & memorable. I really enjoyed the meal plan. Will definitely recommend Fresh Start.
    - -Michaela Young, 1st – 8th January 2016, Australia.